Concerns raised after students post sexually explicit clips on TikTok

Parents raise concerns after videos emerge of school students simulating sexually explicit acts on a popular social media platform. Many of the videos are filmed on school grounds, with students in uniform.

Reconciliation ‘starts with kids in schools’ says Aboriginal mural artist

Arrernte man Scott Rathman wants to see more Aboriginal artists teaching in schools to hopefully stamp out racism and stereotypical beliefs.

Signs of the times: A generation’s call to action on climate

‘Our house is on fire’. ‘Act now or swim L8R’. Students come up with ingenious placards to underline their fear for the planet’s future.

Climate change protests spread around the world

People of all ages are joining students worldwide, who are taking to the streets to demand more action against climate change, with rallies in the Pacific spreading across Asia into Africa and Europe.

‘It’s our future’: Climate strike draws ‘hundreds of thousands’ to rallies across Australia demanding action

Organisers estimate 300,000 Australians have gathered at climate change rallies around the country in one of the largest protest events in the nation’s history.