‘It’s heartbreaking. It’s fearful’: Erin Brockovich announces largest class action in Australian history

Up to 40,000 people are suing the Federal Government over PFAS chemical contamination, arguing their property values have plummeted. It’s the largest class action in Australian history — and it’s backed by Erin Brockovich….

‘It is definitely of concern’: Newborn babies in Adelaide hospital contract the flu

An influenza outbreak among newborn babies at Adelaide’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital results in dozens being given antiviral medication and isolated in closed cots.

Reconciliation ‘starts with kids in schools’ says Aboriginal mural artist

Arrernte man Scott Rathman wants to see more Aboriginal artists teaching in schools to hopefully stamp out racism and stereotypical beliefs.

When the system makes it worse: Child protection’s dark consequences

When 13-year-old Maggie* went into care while her mother battled a drug and alcohol addiction, she hoped life would get easier. But she was sent to a residential care home where she was sexually assaulted and saw her life …

SA’s Attorney-General criticises push for criminal checks for surrogate parents

South Australia’s Opposition wants to make it mandatory for people seeking to have a child through surrogacy to undergo a ‘working with children’ check, but the Attorney-General says the proposal would be “unenforceable”.

The best day ever, every day: Six months on the road with my kids

When Robin Esrock travelled across Australia for six months with his young children, he learned to find good in every moment — even the absolutely disastrous ones.

Domestic violence report of country women shows little change in attitudes

The voices of young country women and their experiences of intimate partner violence are being heard, but wider campaigns to address the crisis may not be.