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      Navigating the Challenges of Blended Families

      About 75 percent of the 1.2 million Americans who divorce each year eventually remarry. Most have children, and, like Schultz, they find that stepfamily life is more complex than they ever imagined. It's rife with complicated schedules, squabbling stepsiblings, issues with ex-partners, and ne...

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        Surviving the Weekend as a Stepfamily

        Weekends can be a stressful time for stepfamilies, especially if a child isn’t regularly involved with one of the parents. While the natural parent looks forward to seeing a son or daughter, the stepparent may face the weekend with mixed feelings. The visiting child c...

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          Daddys Home - 3 Reasons to See It - 1 Reason Why Not

          This Christmas, Hollywood offers blended families a gift: the family comedy Daddy's Home, in which Will Ferrell stars as a stepfather who adores his stepchildren. He loves them so much that he wants to establish a good relationship with their absentee biological father (Mark Wahlberg) who ...

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            Kids Health - Topics - Stepfamilies

            Sadly sometimes a family is split up. Maybe the mum and dad decide to live apart. Maybe the mum or the dad dies. After a time, the mum or dad may start a new relationship. That may lead to the child having not just a 'new' mum or dad, but perhaps a whole new family, because the new parent in th...

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              How to avoid stepkids feuding over inheritance

              The American family has gotten pretty complicated. Two in five marriages are remarriages, according to the Pew Research Center, and since 1980 the number of people who have been married more than once has nearly doubled. That means we have many more stepparents, half-siblings and step-nieces than...

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                Step Parenting - The Age Group of Your Step Children Matters

                Step Parenting: The Age Group of Your Step Children MattersAs a step parent, you have your role cut out for you. You know already that you may have to earn the love and trust of your step children before being accepted as part of the family. This no doubt could be a bit daunting because sometimes...

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                  Finally - stepfathers are getting their pop culture moment

                  Are stepfathers finally about to have their cultural moment? If so, it’s richly deserved. Let’s be clear, right now isn’t that moment, but changes in the popular consciousness often happen one movie character, one TV relationship or one viral video at a time. T...

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                    Dear Mary - I cannot stand my demanding and spoiled stepchildren

                    Question: I have been married to a widower for a few years. He has several adult children from his previous marriage. The problem is that I can't stand my stepchildren. I have tried to be open-minded, but they are spoilt, demanding and manipulative. They treat me like the maid. ...

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                      Step-parenting and raising stepchildren

                      Step-parents have a lot to cope with – they might be sorting out problems from old relationships and dealing with issues with their own children, as well as coming to terms with their step-children. Read about one step-family and the challenges of step-parenting around the country.

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                        How does being part of a stepfamily influence a child's development? - My wiki

                        Stepfamilies, created when adults with children marry, remarry, or cohabit, constitute a family form that differs in several ways from the nuclear family. Children in stepfamilies may evidence different levels of social adjustment than children in nuclear families, and there are several perspe...

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