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      Stepmothers want to challenge wicked stereotype thrust on them by fairytales

      Stepmothers are enshrined in fairytales as cruel and callous, but a new study reveals women want to challenge the wicked stereotype. The three-year study by Auckland University doctoral candidate Anna Miller showed the majority of women who took part felt they were treated to varying degrees a...

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        5 Big Fat Lies About Being a Stepmom

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          Stepfamilies - Focus on building relationships

          Perhaps the most important task in creating a happy stepfamily is building individual relationships. Stepmothers and fathers can build trust and respect by developing a warm and involved relationship with children before becoming involved in discipline. Spending one-on-one time without the dema...

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            You Knew He Had Kids When You Married Him

            Rhiannon Delesio is a smart, successful, well-meaning wife-to-be who wants nothing more than a happy family. So why does she feel like a bungling, hysterical, totally conflicted idiot the second she marries a man with two kids? Filled with humor and brutal honesty, You Knew He Had Kids When You ...

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              What Stepmums Need To Know

              What follows are some vital tips for stepmums. I wrote these during the years when I ran support groups for stepmothers and found that they really appreciated some black on white reminders they could put on their fridge doors. I hope they'll also serve you! Source: What Stepmums Need To Know Add...

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                #Stepmothers Will Climb Any Mountain for Their #Stepchildren

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