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      Stepfamily Association - Smart Stepfamilies

      Created by author, therapist, and blended family expert Ron L. Deal, Smart Stepfamilies (formerly called Successful Stepfamilies) empowers remarried couples and stepfamilies for successful family living and trains churches and professionals to help blended families.  Smart Stepfamilies:...

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        FamilyLife Blended

        FamilyLife Blended™ provides  biblically-based resources that help prevent re-divorce, strengthen stepfamilies, and help break the generational cycle of divorce.

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          Surviving the Weekend as a Stepfamily

          Weekends can be a stressful time for stepfamilies, especially if a child isn’t regularly involved with one of the parents. While the natural parent looks forward to seeing a son or daughter, the stepparent may face the weekend with mixed feelings. The visiting child c...

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            Challenges of Blended and Step Remarried Families

            The “blending” of a re-marriage means that the old norms, rules, and ways of gaining acceptance are now null and void. Blended and step family members generally do not realise this at the outset, wanting to re-create the biological family of origin (the children’s desire), or th...

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              The Smart Stepfamily: Seven Steps to a Healthy Family

              The Smart Stepfamily: Seven Steps to a Healthy Family By Ron L. Deal Digital media products such as Amazon MP3s, Amazon Instant Videos, and Kindle content can only be purchased on     ...

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                Stepfamilies: Who Benefits? Who Does Not?

                Stepfamilies represent an increasing number of American households and shape the upbringing of countless stepchildren. Despite their prominence in society, our knowledge about these families is very limited. To address this deficit, the editors have drawn together the work of 16 nationally kno...

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                  A Happy Blended Home

                  As wonderful as it is to have found love the second time around, living in a blended family can seem particularly stressful at times. Newly formed stepfamilies -- and experts say that "new" is a term that can apply for up to seven years, as everyone learns to navigate old loyalties, ...

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                    10 Conversations Stepfamilies Must Have About Finances - My wiki

                    Managing money in traditional families can be challenging, but in Stepfamilies financial matters are magnified and even more complicated. For instance, when my husband and I first became a stepfamily, I was receiving child support from my ex, and my husband was paying child support and alimony...

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                      The Secret to Blended Families Marriage and Parenting Success

                      Are you part of a blended family? Have you been struggling to make everyone in your home feel special and equal? From step-brothers and step-sisters to live-in grandparents and adopted children, blending a family is a complicated and long process. With the help of Daren Carstens and his ...

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                        How does being part of a stepfamily influence a child's development? - My wiki

                        Stepfamilies, created when adults with children marry, remarry, or cohabit, constitute a family form that differs in several ways from the nuclear family. Children in stepfamilies may evidence different levels of social adjustment than children in nuclear families, and there are several perspe...

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