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Tie a Turban Patialashahi Style

A turban is long piece of cloth (usually cotton) worn (tied) on the head by men. It is a mark of respect and honour. Though worn by many people in and around India, some communities like Sikhs consider it sacred. It is around three feet wide and varies in length from 5 to 10 feet in length.


  1. Ask someone to hold one end of the cloth.
  2. Hold the other end in one hand and start folding the loose end (the end near you) inwards. The exact size of fold doesn't matter. You can start with around three inches of fold size.
  3. Carefully exchange the end with the other person.
  4. Repeat the folding process on this side.
  5. Slowly start stretching the end in your hand.
  6. Collect the cloth by wrapping it on your elbow-fist.
  7. Place the wrapped turban somewhere near the mirror.
  8. Put one end of the folded turban in your mouth and hold it with your teeth.
  9. Bring the turban around your head, covering your left ear. Don't do it too tight, but not too softly either or else it will slip away. The turban now should return halfway around your head (not all the way to the right side). It should slightly overlap the previous turn.
  10. Repeat the wrapping around the head, moving up a little bit on the left side and lower a bit on the right side with every turn.
  11. Do it so that by the time you reach the other end of the turban the last turn should cover your right ear.
  12. Push the remaining part of the end into the space near the top of your forehead and behind the layers of turban.
  13. Let free the end you had held in your mouth. You may slowly tug it behind your head in the turban or let it loose.


  • If no person is available, you can tie one end to a fixed place like a door or window handle.
  • You can choose any plain color, though bright colors will look good. Try crimson, yellow, green or white.
  • Avoid cloth with big prints.
  • The placing of cloth in each turn decides the shape and placement of next turns, so try to overlap an inch of previous turn.


  • It will appear tight on your head in the beginning, but if it is loose it may fall off your head.
  • Wear the turban for a short duration initially, as your hair will hurt near the top of your forehead.
  • Don't make the turns too tight.
  • This is considered a sacred piece of cloth give due consideration when wearing it.
  • Don't use anything else on top of it.
  • The beauty is in being simple.

Things You'll Need

  • A piece of clean cloth of any color, preferably cotton measuring 3 feet by 10 feet
  • A mirror
  • A person to help you

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