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Quit Smoking by Using an Allen Carr Book?

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The Easy Way to Stop Smoking is an alternative way to quit smoking. The book, written by a former chain-smoker, has sold 6 million copies in its twenty years on the market. The book promises you will be a nonsmoker at the end with no cravings, weight gain, or misery. Frankly, the book works by debunking every reason you have for smoking - leaving you with no excuse to continue smoking, and no feeling of sacrafice when you quit. Try it!


  1. Stop at your library, order it online, or go to the bookstore to get a copy of The Easy Way to Stop Smoking.
  2. Prepare to read the book by getting away from distractions and clearing your mind. You may want to try to read the book in one sitting. Also, please, make sure that you want to quit.
  3. Light a cigarette while reading the book. The book actually instructs you to do so.
  4. Follow all the directions to the letter. Don't skip any sections that seem repetitive.
  5. Really try to understand the examples he gives in order to realise that smoking does nothing for you.
  6. Extinguish that final cigarette, and make a solemn vow to never smoke again. Do so with joy, not with uncertainty or partial dedication.
  7. Reap the benefits of living a smokefree life.
    • A barrage of new smells - pleasant and unpleasant - will be noticeable. This is both because the blanket of tobacco smoke has lifted from your environment (if you smoke inside), and also because your sense of smell is returning to you. Burning aromatic incense will help to bring "olfactory harmony" to your new smoke-free environments - particularly important during the first few days.
    • Food tastes better - and meals and drinks are actually more enjoyable without a cigarette.
    • You have more wind.
  8. Spread the word about this book! Recommend the book to friends and family that smoke. Donate a few copies to your library. If you wonder why it's not as popular in the states as it is in Europe, that is because it would spell the end of not only the tobacco industry, but also the nicotine-replacement product industry and other quitting clinics, so they all used their power and money to make sure that this book never reaches you.


  • If this did not work for you, you are doing something wrong. Follow all the directions in the book and read it completely.
  • Remember, there is no such thing as just "one puff" - that is what got you started in the first place.
  • Research what goes into a cigarette/cigar. Anybody would be put off by seeing what you were breathing in.
  • Beware of all the myths about smoking! Here are some myths about smoking, all of them debunked;
    • Smokers enjoy smoking - smokers are miserable when they are not smoking, it's called addiction
    • smokers choose to smoke - they chose to smoke as much as a heroin addict chose to start and continue using heroin
    • smoking relieves boredom and stress - addiction
    • smoking aids concentration and relaxation - addiction
    • quitting is hard, and smokers must suffer when they quit - not with the EASYWAY method
  • Some more of Carr's wisdom; "Smoking is like banging your head against a wall and then stopping so it feels good" and "Smoking is like wearing tight shoes so it feels good when you take them off".
  • You will only gain weight if you substitute foods for cigarettes. Still, you would have to be a few hundred pounds overweight to get as many health risks as tobacco gives you.
  • Scare tactics, such as statistics and gross pictures, make smokers experience withdrawal pangs sooner and get them smoking more. If that were enough to make smokers quit, they all would have already.
  • If you find yourself in a tempting situation where you really want to smoke, pity the people smoking, don't envy them.
  • If you get cravings despite the book, skim over the book for some sentences for encouragement.
  • Smoking does not keep you slim. It reduces muscle and your body stores the remaining fat around the vital organs. With fat storage comes a range of harmful health outcomes.[1]
  • More tips
  • The way quitting works is that, eventually, having a cigarette (for any reason) simply won't even occur to you--as a good or bad idea. To a smoker and people starting their quit this sounds ridiculous, but it is true. You will naturally become as oblivious to smoking as any non-smoker. It's not a matter of willpower or somehow "suppressing" thoughts of smoking at that point. Once all your cravings are dealt with they will simply fade away. Most cravings, including those from the physical addiction, will be much weaker than you expect and fade within the first few days.
  • While you quit, remember to H.A.L.T whenever you get a craving. H.A.L.T. stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired. Use these ideas as clues to what is causing the craving. Not sure what is causing a craving? Take a guess. Is it late at night? Is your stomach growling? Is there something bothering you? The important thing is to take action to deal with the issue every time. And if you aren't sure what action you should take, just do the first thing that comes to mind--this will at least prime your brain for next time. Retraining yourself with ways to deal with these issues will make future cravings easier to deal with and makes them fade quicker.
  • Never give up! Even if you relapse, use that opportunity to try to figure out how and why it happened, even if happens more than once! Always go back to quitting right away. Trash any cigarettes you bought--you've already saved up much more than a pack of cigarettes so it's okay to throw them out.


  • Do not use nicotine replacement therapy; those contain the thing that got you addicted.
  • Do not cut down on cigarettes as a method of quitting; those leave you in withdrawal and miserable longer, making cigarettes seem more precious.
  • ANY major lifestyle changes should be done with the advice of a physician. Keep in mind that if you are on medicare or medicaid that smoking cessation products are regularly covered, so long as you have a prescription.



The Easy Way to Stop Smoking: Join the Millions Who Have Become Non-smokers Using Allen Carr's Easy Way Method - Click here for more information

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