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Give a Spanking

Give a Spanking - Give a spanking part 2 - Give a spanking part 3

So you've already decided that you are going to spank your child, but you want to know the general steps you should take first? Then read this article to learn how you can safely spank your child.


  1. Make sure that before you do anything, that you are set on this plan. Deciding whether you want to spank them or simply ground them instead should be decided before you announce the spanking, so make sure you are set on it, and will not in any circumstances back down from this decision.
  2. Once your child has earned a spanking take him or her for a walk, and talk calmly with them. Explain what they did wrong, why it's wrong, and which better choices they could have made instead. This should be an open conversation in which the child can ask questions to understand exactly what is expected of him or her. The walk also gives you a chance to clear your head and calm down, as it is important to always be calm and clear of any anger when administering a spanking. As the conversation is coming to a close, wander to the area where the spanking will occur. This place should be private, away from onlookers.
  3. Once you have reached your destination and have come to a clear understanding, announce that the consequence of the child's actions will be a spanking. (ex. "Because you chose to cheat on your math test and as we just discussed cheating is wrong, I think you need to be spanked.)
  4. The child will probably be a bit angry and resentful. They may be a bit nervous also. This is to be expected, and although you should be understanding of these reactions, you also need to stand your ground. They earned their spanking, and you must not back down from this punishment now that you have already told them you will follow through with it!
  5. Explain the terms of the spanking: over a clothed bottom, underwear-clad bottom, or bare bottom, and how long the spanking will be. It is not advised you set the number of slaps, or tell them a set number of slaps, as they should not be counting during their punishment until it is up. For example: setting 4 smacks would not be good because most kids need more than 4 smacks for their spanking to helpful in their punishment step of the childhood. (For kids aged 2-5, it is recommended the spanking be over their clothed bottom, and no longer than 5 seconds. For a child aged 6-8 it is recommended the spanking be over their bare bottom, and no longer than 15 seconds. For a child aged 9-12, it is recommended that the spanking be over panties, and up to 30 seconds. Always remember that you should be counting 1 mississipi, 2 mississipi.. for each second.)

Give a Spanking - Give a spanking part 2 - Give a spanking part 3

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