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Trap Your Pet

You may have to trap a very nervous or unhandled animal to carry out necessary tasks like a visit to the vet. You can make a trap that doesn't hurt your pet.


#Method One (indoors or out )

  1. Prop the box/basket up upside down with the stick.
  2. Attach the leash/rope to the stick. (Alternatively, you can hook a clothes hanger to the stick, and then attach the leash/rope to the clothes hanger).
  3. Put the food or treat in the box/basket. For best results, put the food as far back as you can.
  4. Hide a bit away but close enough so that you can pull the leash or rope.
  5. Pull the rope once animal is under the box/basket.

#Method Two (indoors)

  1. leave your pet alone so it will calm down
  2. Try to lure it with food
  3. if this doesn't work corner your pet
  4. cover it with a blanket
  5. pick up the blanket
  6. take to cage


  • If you use the clothes hanger, the hook should be hooked to the bottom.
  • Make sure you do not let the pet know you are there.
  • This works best with cats or dogs.
  • If your pet is strong enough and will come to a hard, strong bait (Ex: a dog bone), you can tie the string to the bait and have the bait in the middle of the basket so you do not have to stay and watch.
  • If the pet is a cat, you can have a short stick propping it up from the side and tied to the opposite side of the basket to act as a tripwire with the bait behind it.
  • If your pet is not a cat or dog, you can try different, original 'traps' in which food is the basic bait.
  • For turtles, you could fill a little bowl (bigger than the turtle) with water and sprinkle in food. Make a ramp that isn't very steep for the turtle to climb in to. Then WAIT... this, unlike the other trap may NOT work.


  • Don't pull the rope/leash too fast or it takes a second longer for the trap to fall.
  • Pull the rope once the animal is under it a lot. If you pull it too soon and the animal isn't in far enough, then it can run.
  • Trapping a animal can damage your relationship with it. Only do it if you must catch the animal for worming, de-fleaing etc
  • Remember, trapping your pet is different than entrapping your pet. Not only is this illegal, but it is a very good way to alienate your pet. Although the conviction may not stand up in court, do you really want to be the guy who seduced his dog?

Things You'll Need

  • Laundry basket or box
  • stick
  • leash or rope
  • food or treat
  • Clothes hanger ((optional but recommended)
  • blanket or sheet

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