Step Family: Not A Cinderella Story

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Step families are quite common and prevalent nowadays. Many children today live with their parents one of whom might not be biologically related to them. However, even today, children are apprehensive when their mother or father marries again and a new person is joins their families. While this situation is perfectly normal, it is sure is delicate and needs to be handled with caution so that such families do not turn into a Cinderella story.

Children are naturally attached to the families they see during their birth. Their biological mother and father matter the most to them because they are used to their love and care. So when they lose one of their biological parents or when their parents split up, it is very hard for them to see the families they have grown up with, be meddled. Again when a complete stranger enters their life and wishes to replace their parents, it is very difficult for them to accept them into their families.

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