Raise Flattened Pile Carpet

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Furniture and other heavy objects can flatten the pile of some carpet types. Here are some ways to coax it back again after moving the furniture around.


  1. Warm an iron that has steam capacity.
  2. Hold the iron above the flattened patch and squirt a few shots of steam downwards. Do not touch the carpet with the heated iron pad.
  3. Use a very wide toothed comb, a spoon, or a coin, (or a combination) to coax back the flattened carpet. With gradual combing/pushing, you will see the pile begin to lift up.
  4. Repeat the steam process as needed.


  • Regularly moving furniture around a little can help avoid flattening pile too deeply.
  • When moving house, get a good steam cleaning contractor; they will easily lift flattened pile without fuss.

Things You'll Need

  • Steam iron
  • Very wide toothed comb or a spoon or a coin

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