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Overcome Internet Boredom

Do you find yourself with nothing to do on the internet? Then read on:


  1. Check your emails. This could lead to more things to do such as replying to emails or checking out the new features on your favorite website.
  2. Start a blog. This is a fun project that will keep you entertained for hours.
  3. Sign up for a virtual pet/life site. This will provide plenty to do and are often rife with games to play.
  4. Help out on wikiHow. Contribute by creating an article, copyediting or just giving your opinion on discussion pages.
  5. Create an account with an instant messaging service or friend site (myspace, bebo etc) and encourage all your friends to follow your lead.
  6. If all else fails turn off the computer and do something else for a while. Reading, exercise or a challenging puzzle are great ways to pass the time. Do some homework or tidying up if you're really bored.
  7. Join Stumble Upon, select your interests and then click the button.
  8. Think about what you like. Brainstorm ideas, and come up with something.
  9. Type whatever it is into Google and start searching. Try the "I'm feeling lucky" search feature to spend less time searching, and more time looking.
  10. Peter Answers is a fun trick to play on people.
  11. Search "Truly Tasteless Jokes". There are some really funny jokes that you can entertain yourselves with.
  12. If that doesn't work, try going to a news portal like Yahoo or MSN, and look at their odd news. You may end up laughing yourself silly looking at some guy that robbed a bank with a marshmallow.
  13. Look at the comics on Yahoo or MSN.
  14. One fun site is You can impress your friends by telling them Google made a website after you.
  15. If nothing else works, try going to some site with a lot of random things like,,, or
  16. You can always watch porn, but be wary if you are under 18 with strict parents, married, or have a religion that forbids porn.
  17. Youtube has literally millions of videos to watch, from hilarious injuries to heart warming animations, explore and enjoy.


  • Try out different endings for one word. You should come up with some awesome stuff.
  • If you do .edu, the stuff you come up with is usually pretty boring, unless you are a real nerd.
  • Think of any random thing that you can and type it in to the address bar or Google.
  • Use the random article on wikiHow or wikipedia. You can learn some weird stuff that way.
  • Also try going to Google and typing in Googlefight. This little "game" is actually quite addicting.
  • is a good site to kill time on.
  • Urbandictionary could be fun too and you might learn some hip slang terms and get a little humor on the way as well.


  • If you are surfing the net, bad things can sometimes pop up. Be prepared for that. You can have these things blocked if you want to be safe. Pornography is a classic way to stop internet boredom, but be wary if you are under 18. You never know if your parents are watching.
  • Myspace, Facebook, Orkut, hi5, and other related sites are not really the best answers for boredom on the Internet. This page is designed for people that are not allowed to use social networking sites, dating sites, and porn.