Donald Trump Blood on his hands

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Chief Petty Officer William Owens (left) and Nawar al-Awkaki (right) were killed in the attack in southern Yemen (Image: Naval Special Warfare Command and Twitter) Read more at
The first covert counterterrorism operation approved by Donald Trump "lacked intelligence" and resulted in the death of a Navy SEAL and up to 30 civilians, including 15 women and children, according to inside sources.

US military officials and medics who tended to the wounded during a strike on an al Qaeda base in Yemen last week claim there was not enough surveillance done on the compound to ensure the safety of civilians or the Navy SEALs involved before President Trump authorised the bungled raid.

The elite soldiers were dropped into an area teeming with landmines, snipers and heavily armed extremists without an adequate escape plan, with the military being forced to destroy one of its own helicopters after the aircraft was heavily fired upon by al Qaeda forces, Reuters reported.