Convince Yourself Not to Commit Suicide

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Are you thinking of committing suicide but know you shouldn't? This guide will hopefully help you not commit suicide.


  1. Think about it. Are the problems that you want to end by suicide that awful and permanent that nothing could alleviate them? Although you may not think so now, it is very possible for you to recover from your problem or problems and live out the rest of your life happily. There are few to no problems in this world that can be solved by suicide.
  2. When you are thinking rationally, try to think of solutions to your troubles that are constructive, and that will help ease the hurt you're going through. most cases, the person attempting suicide doesn't truly want to die -- instead they just want the pain to stop.
  3. Think about your loved ones (parents, relatives, friends, significant other) and the void you'd be putting into their lives -- it's been said that a suicide leaves many victims: the dead, and those he or she leaves behind. Think about how they would feel if you committed suicide. You owe it to them to have spent a little time to understand the burden you are putting into the rest of their lives. And on the other hand how truly happy you are able to make them if you don't.
  4. If there's someone who cares about you, you should talk to them about your suicidal thoughts. Many people have experienced thoughts of suicide, it might be a good idea to talk to one of those people to get over it.
  5. If you're really close to committing suicide it might be a good idea to admit yourself to some kind of hospital where they can monitor and stop you from killing yourself and keep you safe so you don't become a victim of suicide.
  6. Is any problem,thing or person have the control of your happiness and decide whether you happy or not? NO. You have control over this button and nobody has control over it and can decide it for you.
  7. You are the owner of your life which you get only one of. You have nothing before this life. You will have nothing after this life. Why don't you leave that thing, situation, or problem which forces you to finish your life. And start a new life in a new place with new people in a new working environment.
  8. EXTRA: Anything is possible when you set your mind to it. Think about the great times you can make and all you'll be missing out on.

Sunrises, sunsets, rainbows, the birth of your child and watching it grow up and do all things for the very first time, falling in deeply and unconditionally in love and being truly at peace with someone, beach and barbecue parties with good friends, meeting new good friends, spending Christmas, Easter, and thanksgiving with family or people you love, making your own family one day, getting the home that you want, an education, a job that is best for you, having good colleges and a good working environment, traveling and seeing the world, meeting different cultures with totally different ways of living than us, getting perspective on life, helping others and feeling useful, playing sports that you think is fun, lying in the grass with a friend watching the clouds go by and talking about everything and nothing, having sand between your toes...and so on...make a list just for you, there are so many more simple things to experience, wich just makes you happy.


  • If you want to end your life, you may be in danger because of these thoughts. Seek out things which will block you from ending it.
  • Try to really truly put yourself into someone elses life, give them some seconds or minutes to understand how their whole life is. Think senses. Hurts and desires. Loved and lost. We are all here together, no matter how far apart we are in distance.
  • KNOW that when you are thinking things that are not helping you, you are thinking wrong thoughts. They are NOT supposed to be there, and they are definitely not a welcomed part of you.
  • The welcomed parts of you are the parts that make you and others truly happy and safe.
  • Instead of ending your life, try beginning it. One way to do that is to be truly true to yourself and others.
  • Cherish the things and people that you love, and make them a bigger part of your life.

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